Month 2 – July 2017

Another month has passed by, and Premium Alloys is starting to pick up quite a bit of traction. For the month of June we had $100K in sales, and we jumped up to $400K in sales for the month of July. This is great for the company, but it has presented problems – good problems but nonetheless problems. We are now looking to hire on a full time Operations Manager to control the logistics side and inventory as the company grows. A new salesperson hire is on the horizon as well to make sure that we keep growing and that momentum is sustained. As of now, 40 great customers have chosen us to be their vendor for raw materials. We couldn’t more happy and thankful that people are choosing to trust and give their business to Premium Alloys. The company still has a lot more work to do, and we are up for the challenge of doing the work plus more.

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